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Correct pruning makes beautiful trees


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Sometimes trees just need to be removed

Hazardous Tree Removal

Sometimes trees just need to be removed.  Arbator have the expertise to complete the job with minimum fuss and disruption to your property.

In some circumstances pruning is not always the answer and the best option is to simply remove the tree.  This maybe due to structural weakness, property damage, dying or dead trees.  Luckily whatever the reason Arbator has the expertise to handle the tree removal safely and efficiently.

Increase the health and longevity of your trees, pruning is a good investment

Precision Tree Pruning

If you want to increase the health and longevity of your trees, then pruning is a good investment.  Arbator will eliminate hazardous branches to the Australian standards.

Our pruning techniques include formative pruning, crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction and restoration pruning.  With the overall aim to eliminate hazardous branches and increase the health and vitality of your trees, so they are more likely to withstand adverse weather conditions.  As the well known saying says prevention is always better than cure!

Stump grinding is an efficient way to remove stumps

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an efficient way to remove obstructive and unsightly stumps left behind from tree removals.  This means you can replant the space with lawn or garden beds.

When a tree is removed it is cut above the ground level, leaving behind an obstructive and unsightly stump.  Arbator offers stump grinding services to eliminate any visual evidence of the stump.  This is a fast and easy option which enables you to landscape the area.

Storm damage from your trees, we can remove the damaged trees quickly

Storm Damage

If you sustain storm damage from your trees, we can help you remove the damaged trees or limbs and debris quickly.

Arbator Tree Services can provide you with a tree service or removal quote for your insurance company to help expedite your claim and restore your property’s beauty as quickly as possible.

Trees close to the buildings drop leaves into guttering cause fire danger

Bushfire Hazard Clearing

A home which is well prepared can dramatically reduce the risk of bush fires.  Trees close to the building are likely to drop leaves and twigs into guttering causing fire danger.

We can assess your home for fire risks, reduce the hazards and increase the chances your home will survive a bush fire.

Please refer to the CFA website for more ways to reduce your fire risk and to formulate a fire plan.

We take care of noxious weed trees on properties, park lands and forests

Noxious Weed Tree Removal

We all need to do our part to minimise the spread of noxious weed trees on our properties, park lands and forests.

Arbator can remove wild Pine trees, Boxthorn, Buckthorn, Cherry plums, Hawthorns, Coastal Wattle, Blackberry, Sweet Pittosporum and other woody weeds.

We can mill your logs into timber

Log Milling & Timber Sales

At Arbator we make every effort to use our natural resources in it’s best manner and save good tree logs from the firewood pile by milling them into timber.

We can also mill your logs into timber for raised vegetable gardens, furniture, buildings or a special project.

We offer mulching services and fresh mulch for sale

Chipping & Mulch Sales

Repurposing tree branches and foliage into mulch is a great way to help the environment.

It not only keeps it out of land fill, but it is also great for your garden, keeping soil cooler and decreasing water loss due to evaporation.  We offer mulching services and fresh mulch for sale at discounted prices.

Arbator split and sell red gum firewood

Firewood Splitting & Sales

Organising your firewood before winter is always a relief.  This is where we can help! Arbator sell split red gum for your firewood needs.  Call us to find out more.

For larger trees we offer the option for it to be cut to length for firewood.  This is a great way to positively use the resources you have on your property

Tree Service FAQ

Q:  How long are your quotes valid for?
A:  We state 30 days on your quotation.
Q:  What is the difference between an Arborist and a Tree Lopper?
A:  In General, Tree Loppers are NOT TRAINED nor are they qualified to care for trees and perform severe cuts without the consideration for the trees health.
Q:  Do I need to apply for a council permit?
A:  Depending on your council.  You will need a permit if the tree is natively grown or heritage listed.
Q:  What are our Payment Options?
A:  Cash, Direct Transfer & Cheque.
Q:  Are we insured?
A:  Yes we have a $20 million public liability insurance and workers compensation.
Q:  Can we keep our mulch?
A:  Yes you can , we will unload in a spot of your choice.
Q:  Can I keep my firewood?
A:  Yes you can, we can discuss this whilst quoting & will cut timber branch diameters down to about 100mm.
Q:  Does the quote include tree stump removal?
A:  Only when the option is requested & is normally stated on the quotation.