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Correct pruning makes beautiful trees


Pictures of our adventures with trees.

Working at Arbator Tree Services brings new challenges every day.  Today our work could be felling and removing trees and tomorrow our work could be milling a client’s logs or trimming hedges.  We think the pictures below will give you an idea of us in action, getting jobs done efficiently and safely.

We’ve also added some pictures of a few interesting finds along the way.  It is amazing what can be hiding inside and amongst a tree, other than an arborist!  Have a look and be amazed!

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A collection of videos that we just like and think are worthy of sharing.

Please note, some are quite long.

Log Milling & Timber Sales

Tree Felling & Milling 1940’s

Stump Grinding

Woolamine Pine

Apples: British to the Core

Climbing Sequoia Trees for Climate Change