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Correct pruning makes beautiful trees

About Us

Arbator Tree Services are qualified arborists with a passion for the health and well being of your trees.  Together with our team of professionally trained and licenced personal, we strive to offer the highest customer service, enabling clients to make the best decision regarding the future of their trees.

Our customer base is located in South West Victoria and comprises of domestic, commercial and government clients.  All customers receive efficient, safe, quality and professional tree care, which is carried out to AS4373 Australian Standards.

As a family owned company we ensure that our business and staff are fully insured for your peace of mind.  Enabling everybody to focus on the best outcome for your trees and surrounding area.

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Our services

Chainsaw IconHazardous Tree Removal
Chainsaw IconTree Lopping & Pollarding
Chainsaw IconTree Felling & Coppicing
Chainsaw IconEmergency Tree Works
Chainsaw IconTree Climbing
Chainsaw IconTree Pruning & Deadwood Removal

Chainsaw IconFruit Tree Pruning & Planting Advise
Chainsaw IconNoxious Weed Tree Removal
Chainsaw IconLog Milling & Timber Sales
Chainsaw IconTree Chipping for Mulch
Chainsaw IconHedge Trimming
Chainsaw IconBushfire Vegetation Clearing

Chainsaw IconFirewood Cutting & Log Splitting
Chainsaw IconStump Grinding
Chainsaw IconLawn Mowing & Slashing
Chainsaw IconAnimal & Bird Habitat Creation
Chainsaw IconReplant Consultation
Chainsaw IconFirewood & Mulch Sales

Our Mission

We aim to be environmentally friendly as possible and utilise our natural resources responsibly by recycling trees into milled timber, firewood and garden mulch.

Our Teams Posts

Red Gum Firewood
March 14, 2019 | Comments 0

It’s Cooling Down We have limited supplies of Red Gum firewood for 2019 delivery, book now for your load. 10′ x 5′ trailer load (4 cubic meters). Split to…

Stihl BioPlus Bar Lube
February 28, 2019 | Comments 0

We Love The Environment We care about our client’s properties and do not use carcinogenic petroleum based guide bar oils.   We are proud to be using eco-friendly Stihl BioPlus…

Local Storm Damage
November 6, 2018 | Comments 0

Be Careful & Watch Out Lots of storm damage around, keep an eye on your trees structural integrity & root plate for any signs of lift. Particularly during these…

What We Find
March 6, 2017 | Comments 0

Totally Cool We find amazing and strange things inside and around trees every day, this is a bunch of lady birds all all on one spot. Why?  Mmmm, don’t…


Our Team Members

Hayden Banks

Director and Qualified Arborist

Master arborist, horticulturalist and founder of Arbator Tree Services

Sally Banks
Team Member Sally Banks

Safety Officer and Groundsman

Safety observer & one of hardest working groundsman around.

Jack & Gill
Team Member Jack & Jill

Trainee Arborists

They always seem to disappear when needed, but we all still love them.

Darth Vader

Contract Arborist

Makes sure everyone pays their bill on time 🙂


Contract Arborist

For wise arboriculture words & instructions.

Spider Matt

Climbing Arborist

One of the best tree climber in Victoria